New article by ICDS researchers on perceptions towards GDPR

Team members Joanna Strycharz, Jef Ausloos and Natali Helberger recently published a new paper titled: Data Protection or Data Frustration? Individual perceptions and attitudes towards the GDPR. The paper examines individual reactions to the GDPR in order to provide insights into user agency in relation to the Regulation. More specifically, it discusses empirical data (survey with N = 1288) on individual knowledge of, reactions to, and rights exercised under the GDPR in the Netherlands. The results show high awareness of the GDPR and knowledge of individual rights. At the same time, the Dutch show substantial reactance to the Regulation and doubt the effectiveness of their individual rights. These findings point to several issues obstructing the GDPR’s effectiveness, and constitute useful signposts for policy-makers and enforcement agencies to prioritise their strategies in achieving the original aims of the Regulation.

The article can be found as a PDF-embedded file below.

Perceptions and attitudes towards the GDPR