25th Annual BTLJ-BCLT Symposium | Lex Informatica: The Formulation of Information Policy Rules through Technology with Natali Helberger

Natali Helberger was one of the panelists of the panel ‘Platform Liability Rules as Technology Policy Levers’, together with Pam Samuelson, Eric Goldman, Tejas Narechania and Olivier Sylvain, during the 25th annual BTLJ-BCLT Symposium, from the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology. The recording of this panel is now available here.

Other event recordings are available as well and can be accessed using the following links:
Opening Keynote
Panel 1: Reconceptualizing Technology Policy for the Digital Age
Panel 2: Case Studies in Automated Governance
Panel 3: Platform Liability Rules as Technology Policy Levers
Panel 4: Transparency as a Technology Policy Lever 
Panel 5: Lex Informatica in Practice
Tribute to Joel Reidenberg and Closing Remarks

About the Symposium
In digital networked environments, laws and regulations are not the only sources of rulemaking. Technical standards, the configuration of software, the architecture of hardware, and industry articulations of best practices also affect how information flows are permitted or forbidden. Joel Reidenberg’s prescient article, Lex Informatica: The Formulation of Information Policy Rules Through Technology, published in the Texas Law Review in 1998, urged policymakers to understand, consciously recognize, and encourage the evolution of these extra-legal influences to achieve optimal public policy outcomes. This symposium will honor the legacy of Reidenberg’s deep insights about Lex Informatica as policy levers and will explore respects in which Lex Informatica is working in the public interest and ways in which technology regulations could be improved.