PriTech Workshop on Price Discrimination and Behavioural and Psychographic Targeting with Natali Helberger

The PriTech Workshop ‘Pricing Technologies and their Economic and Social Consequences’ took place from 25-26 March, 2021.

Panelist Natali Helberger explored the use of software agents to price discriminate and target consumers with personalised communications – social perceptions of such practices, their impact on markets and society and the applicable legal frameworks. Helberger’s presentation ‘Profiling, consumer vulnerability and unfair commercial practices’ is now available online.

About PriTech
PriTech is a two-day online research workshop that emphasizes technological developments in the way prices are calculated, recorded, and communicated, and the way online services are monetized, as well as the social and economic consequences of such developments that cause concerns from various disciplinary and policy perspectives. It is an interdisciplinary event that is meant to bring together economists, lawyers, sociologists, historians, and industry practitioners. Find more information at this link.