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Brahim and Natali involved in report on removal of unlawful online content

Natali Helberger and Brahim Zarouali (ICDS) were involved in the WODC research report on the “legal routes for the speedy removal of unlawful online content” ...
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Natali Helberger about the PersoNews project

The PERSONEWS project, funded by the European Research Council, is one of the first to examine, in depth, the impact of algorithmic news recommendations for ...
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Two VENI-grants for ICDS

We are happy to announce that ICDS researchers Jef Ausloos and João Pedro Quintais have been awarded two prestigious grants by the NWO Talent Scheme VENI ...
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Natali Helberger about the groundbreaking Digital Services Act

European Union lawmakers are currently in the process of drafting a legislative package designed to rework how internet platforms are regulated, rein in tech giants ...
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Interview with Joran van Apeldoorn about the CoronaMelder-app

The privacy, security and effectiveness of the contact tracing app (CoronaMelder) in the Netherlands remain problematic. Read Joran van Apeldoorn his recent interview with Folia ...
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