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Brahim and Natali involved in report on removal of unlawful online content

Natali Helberger and Brahim Zarouali (ICDS) were involved in the WODC research report on the “legal routes for the speedy removal of unlawful online content”. This study was set up in the context of the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection’s agenda to improve the position of victims of unlawful online content. The motivation behind this study is that, often, people find it too difficult to get unlawful content removed from the Internet quickly. The report provides insights into the legal and practical feasibility of a new procedure for the removal of unlawful online content that affects people personally.

Unlawful online content is information, posted by people on the internet, that is unlawful because of its harmful effects and/or because it seriously affects the interests of others. One can think of examples such as online threats, privacy infringements or revenge pornography. The aim of the research is to investigate whether there could be a suitable procedure in the Netherlands that enables people to remove this unlawful online content as quickly as possible.

The research was carried out through a combination of legal and qualitative approaches. This included analyses of academic literature, case law, legislation, other relevant documentation, as well as a representative survey in the Netherlands, a series of expert interviews, and two expert group workshops.

The research report, and a brief EN summary, can be downloaded via this link: