From Filter Bubbles to Fringe Bubbles

This February, Judith Möller was invited to give lectures on Filter Bubbles and Fringe Bubbles at both Kent State University and Michigan State University. In her lectures, she talked about the effects of algorithmic news curation on polarization and radicalization, and the idea of a spiral of noise leading to the emergence of fringe bubbles. Next to these lectures, Judith was invited to speak at the Michigan Symposium on Media and Politics. This is an annual conference that brings together scholars and journalists with a focus on journalism, politics, mass media, and communication technologies. The topic of this year’s symposium was “Online and Engaged: Political News in a Digital Media Environment”. Here, Judith presented her new study (together with Felicia Löcherbach and Natali Helberger) on user agency in the context of algorithmic news recommendation. For more information on this symposium, click here.