This May, the 70th annual ICA Conference will be held in Gold Coast, Australia. With topics ranging from chatbots to deepfakes, our ICDS team will inform you about their latest research. What specific paper presentations to expect at ICA? See the complete list below:

  • Constructing a deepfake to measure its effects on political attitudes. Metoui, N., Dobber, T., Trilling, D., Helberger, N., & de Vreese, C.
  • Open science for (automated) private interactions: Chatbots as (open) data collection engines. Araujo, T., Zarouali, B., Ohme, J., & de Vreese, C.
  • Using automated text analysis to investigate political microtargeting: Assessing the persuasion effects of personality-tailored ads on social media. Zarouali, B., Dobber, T., De Pauw, G., & de Vreese, C.
  • How does this algorithm work? The development and validation of the algorithmic media content awareness scale (AMCA). Zarouali, B., Boerman, S., & de Vreese, C.
  • Overcoming polarization with chatbot news?  Investigating the impact of news content containing opposing views on agreement and credibility. Zarouali, B., Makhortykh, M., Bastian, M., & Araujo, T.
  • Trust in Digital Media Technology Companies: Influencing Factors and Impact on Consumers’ Personal Information Sharing. Strycharz, J., Jisu Huh, & Xinyu Lu.
  • No to cookies: Empowering impact of technical and legal knowledge on rejecting tracking cookies. Strycharz, J., van Noort, G., Smit, E., & Helberger, N.
  • Perceived control and satisfaction in news recommender systems. Loecherbach, F., Moeller, J., Trilling, D., van Atteveldt, W., & Helberger, N.
  • A unified framework of media diversity: A systematic literature review. Loecherbach, F., Moeller, J., Trilling, D., & van Atteveldt, W.
  • Political Communication in 2020: AI and political communication, beyond the buzz. Moeller, J.
  • Digital marginals – towards an open science roadmap to develop policy for vulnerable media consumers in the algorithmic age. Moeller, J., & Helberger, N.
  • News won’t find me? Exploring inequalities in social media news use with tracking data. Merten, L., Metoui, N., Makhortykh, M., Trilling, D., & Moeller, J.
  • Panel: Open Science meets Digital Methods. Match Made in Heaven or Mutually Exclusive? Ausloos, J. & more.