The team

Claes de Vreese
Professor & ICDS research leader

Faculty Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Data & Democracy and Professor Political Communication

Natali Helberger
Professor & ICDS research leader

University Professor of Digital Technology & Artificial Intelligence and Professor of Information Law


Personalised Communication

Brahim Zarouali
Assistant Professor

Persuasion / algorithmic decision-making / personalization / online platforms / media effects

Paddy Leerssen
PhD researcher

Information law / social media platforms / accountability / public archives / media pluralism

Nadia Metoui
Postdoctoral researcher

Data Science / explainable AI / recommender systems / algorithmic auditing / usable privacy

Tom Dobber
Postdoctoral researcher

Political microtargeting / data-driven campaigning / algorithms / technology / elections

Joanna Strycharz
PhD researcher

Personalised communication / online privacy / algorithmic persuasion / computational methods / ethics

Jef Ausloos
Postdoctoral Researcher

Data protection & data rights / transparency / information freedoms / online privacy / autonomy

Marijn Sax
PhD Researcher

Ethics / health apps / digital choice architectures / autonomy and manipulation / privacy

Judith Möller
Assistant Professor

Public sphere / curated news flows / civic engagement / algorithmic divides / affordances in digital media



Sarah Eskens
PhD Researcher

Online news personalization / GDPR / human rights / user rights / European media law and policy

Max van Drunen
PhD Researcher

Editorial responsibility / algorithmic transparency / trust / platforms / organisational control

Mariella Bastian
Postdoctoral Research

News personalization / journalistic ethics / algorithms / international journalism / accountability  & transparency

Sanne Vrijenhoek
Project Researcher

Artificial intelligence / news recommender systems / news diversity / natural language processing



Andreas Goldberg
Postdoctoral Researcher

Media effects / electoral campaigns / EU attitudes / political behaviour / survey research

Franziska Marquart
Postdoctoral Researcher

European Union / populism / political advertising / media effects / experimental research

Erika van Elsas
Postdoctoral Researcher

Public opinion / media effects / EU attitudes / voting behavior / political trust

Anna Brosius
PhD Researcher

Political trust / misinformation / media effects research / media content / EU politics



Theo Araujo
Associate Professor

Algorithmic decision-making / conversational agents / human-machine comm. / computational social science

Jakob Ohme
Postdoctoral Researcher

Mobile methods / digital media effects / mobile news / democratic citizenship and participation / political campaigns

Jessica Piotrowski
Associate Professor

Children & media / digital literacy / media effects / quantitative research / susceptibility

Lukas Otto
Assistant Professor

Communication dynamics / political communication networks / emotions / incivility / microtargeting

Christin Scholz
Assistant Professor

Social media / digital analytics / neuroscience / health communication / decision-making

Carolin Ischen
PhD Researcher

Human-machine comm / human-chatbot interaction / disembodied conversational agents / persuasive consequences


Human(e) AI

Guda van Noort

Persuasion / new media / technologies / algorithmic persuasion / consumer behavior

Hilde Voorveld
Associate Professor

Marketing communication / social media / algorithmic advertising / virtual assistants / voice technology

Theo Araujo
Associate Professor

Algorithmic decision-making / conversational agents / human-machine comm. / computational social science

João Quintais
Postdoctoral Researcher

Information law / content moderation / intermediary liability / algorithms / intellectual property rights


Former members

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Sophie Boerman
Sanne Kruikemeier
Damian Trilling
Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius
Kristina Irion
Mykola Makhorykh
Jaron Harambam
Balasz Bodo
Magdalena Wojcieszak
Bob van de Velde
Edith Smit
Jochen Peter
Nico van Eijk
Joost Poort
Julia van Weert