We are looking for two postdoctoral researchers in Information Law

We are looking for two postdoctoral researchers in Information Law, working on AI and Media. We are looking forward to receiving your application. You can apply online by using the link below.

Postdoctoral researcher in Information Law at the AI, Media and Democracy ELSA Lab
The AI, Media and Democracy ELSA Lab’s aim is to set up an experimental space and testbed for novel ways of applying AI in the media. Journalists, media professionals, designers, citizens, researchers and public and societal partners bring in their challenges in using AI in the media. The lab investigates how AI-driven applications in the media change the public sphere, civic engagement and economic competition. We will develop and test new AI-applications to help solve problems such as disinformation, algorithmic bias and filter bubbles. Together with our partners we will also (co)-create new ethical and legal frameworks for responsible uses of AI that align with fundamental rights, public values and the European regulatory framework.

We are looking for a postdoc who will help us to critically assess the emerging regulatory framework for AI and digital platforms from the perspective of media organisations, journalism and citizens, identify and address emerging legal challenges. You will also help to develop guidelines for the responsible use of AI in the media and actively work together with the other (interdisciplinary) members of the lab and the media partners to solve legal questions that arise from the concrete case studies.

Read the full vacancy here: Postdoctoral Researcher in Information Law (uva.nl)

Postdoctoral researcher in Information Law for an international project funded by the German VolkswagenStiftung
A major challenge facing journalism today lies in the collapse of local news provision. AI applications for various activities along the news value chain offer opportunities for local media to better cope with the economic and societal challenges they face. Therefore, this international and interdisciplinary project will conduct Design Thinking projects with local media partners to develop and evaluate prototypes of responsible AI applications and investigate the broader organisational, societal, economic, ethical and legal conditions that facilitate or constrain responsible AI. Based on the findings of the project and in collaboration with international, national and regional industry partners, we will develop and disseminate best practices and guidelines for responsible AI in local journalism.

The project is a collaboration between Prof. Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam), Prof. Wouter van Atteveldt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Prof. Helle Sjøvaag (University of Stavanger), Prof. Neil Thurman (University of Munich), Prof. Mario Haim (University of Munich) and Dr. Bartozs Wilczek (University of Munich). This particular position is located at the University of Amsterdam at the Faculty of Law. The project is funded through a grant of the German VolkswagenStiftung.

The legal postdoc will work as part of a team of journalism and communication scholars, media economics and computer science experts and be responsible for the legal work package. The legal work package engages in a comparative study of the (self)regulatory framework for AI in local journalism and identifies concrete solutions and best practices to incentivize and facilitate the responsible use of AI in journalism.

For more information go to: Postdoctoral Researcher in Information Law (uva.nl)